I will let you in on a secret…I have been enjoying food since birth.  Growing up, my parents rarely took us out to eat.  It was a special occasion to go to a chain restaurant.  When I left my culinary constraints to live my own life, I vowed to let nothing come between me and a delicious meal (cooked by someone else of course).  One night while dining out, my friends and I joked about working for Food Network.  We then began to facetiously  comment on the food.  What was just us playing around sparked my inner food critic.  Why not do this for real?  Why not promote some of the best restaurants in the area?  Thus Curlz & Corkz was born!

The Curlz

Me:  Hello, my name is Curlz, and I am a foodie.

Crowd: Hi Curlz!

Call me a foodie…an epicure…a gastronome…a gourmand.  Call me whatever, but don’t call me late to brunch or dinner!  If you are looking for a place to read about bizarre foods, you are in the wrong spot.  I like the basics:  poultry, livestock, seafood, and veggies.  There are so many methods to combine these four categories to a finale of deliciousness.  I’m sure somewhere out there, beneath the pale moonlight, someone would like some fried raccoon toe knuckles…but I am not the one.

Oh…did I mention that I like to drink?  I am not an alcoholic, but what many may call a social drinker, and since God is always with me, I never drink alone.   I love the fun ways bartenders create colorful concoctions like they are mad scientists.  I am a willing guinea pig.  I also enjoy the occasional glass of wine.  Like my wit, I can go from dry to sweet.  Like my opinions, I can go from bold to mild.  We all know there is fun to be had when you pop “corkz”.


The Beard

I knew when I met him that this would be a delicious union.  (I’m talking about the man, not the cake.)  Hubby and I take pride in our foodie excursions.  We try to find things that are unique, flavorful, and pleasing to the eye.  No matter how much we try to shave our budget, we always seem to find room for dining out.  In my blogs, he is known as “The Beard”.  He is the beer connoisseur, especially since I cannot tell the difference between a pilsner, IPA, stout, or a bud light.  I think the name fits him well:

beard /bird/ n.  a person who carries out a transaction for someone else in order to conceal the other’s identity.


Charleston is chock (or shall I say Chuck) full of eateries.  From the battery, to the beaches, to the surrounding counties, the food options are not lacking.  Everyday there is a new adventure waiting for us on a plate, in a bowl, or rimmed around a martini glass.  Stay connected to Curlz & Corkz to get the low down of Chucktown!